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Exxposé, previous projects



The know-how of Alfa Exx focuses on helping our clients utilize light in actual commercial applications. Application of light requires solid knowledge in the area of optics, but also extensive experience in precision mechanics, analogue electronics, measurement technology, and software programming. See a short list of completed projects arranged by area of technology under the headings to the left. Click on a heading to see the respective area.

Developing Equipment



General description of completed equipment and system development projects


  1. Developing an optical pick-up for CD/DVD
  2. Wavelength meter for tunable semiconductor lasers. A miniturized optical system.
  3. Optical system for the equipment for detection of defects in semiconductor manufacturing.
  4. Blood analysis by way of fluorescence measurement. Developing LED lighting and spectral collection of fluorescent light. Low photo flow in a high-noise environment.
  5. Measurement equipment for measuring optical focus.
  6. Large touch screen for simultaneous measuring of multiple finger stimuli.
  7. Optical aiming device for shotguns. Devising a complete product from concept to serial production.
  8. Optics for controlled LED lighting for a greenhouse.
  9. Measurement system for retina diagnostics.
  10. Measurement equipment for manufacturing high-power fibres.

Optics design





1. Ray tracing general systems, e.g. optimising image quality minimising aberration.

2. Tolerance analysis. Basic production documentation.

3. Optics for LED applications

4. Designing and optimising achromatic and apochromatic lens elements.

5. Illuminator solutions for desired light distribution (effect density and angle distribution) in one dimension.

6. Head-up optics for consumer products

7. Plastic optics

Mechanics and optomechanics






1. Devising a device for shock testing optical equipment
2. Designing lens frames and housings for optical components
3. Baffle structures for camera systems and measuring instruments
4. Lens frames with thermal balancing
5. Manufacturing fixtures for lining and robotic gluing
6. Complete mechanical solutions for integrating optical systems and electronics
7. Device housings

Diffraction Optics





1. Designing diffraction elements for distributing light between multiple beams
2. Developing dispersion-balanced lens elements. Theoretical calculations and practical manufacturing of diffraction relief. The diffractive lens was realized with electron-beam lithography; Alfa Exx has hands-on knowledge in the area.
3. Designing and manufacturing dispersion-minimized focusing elements consisting of a combination of refractive and diffractive lenses.
4. Developing process parameters for electron beam exposure of photoresistors in PMGA

Alignment of components




1. Lining tools with Vernier scale display for lining lens sequences in the manufacturing of machines for laser lithography.
2. Tools for centring and lining optical systems with long component sequences.
3. Lining methodology for lining component sequences
4. Methods for lining complex optical systems with internal relay imaging
5. Measuring the mechanical centre of machined holes.
6. Measuring the centre of mass of irregular holes in sheet metal
7. Lining methodology for optimising image quality.

Optical measurement technology





1. Measuring spreading lobes with extremely high dynamics from optical surfaces with both specular and diffuse scattering.
2. Importing measurement data to ray tracing software.
3. Defect detection in semiconductors. Interferometrical measurement of sub-wavelength defects in manufacturing semiconductors.
4. Birefringence in plastic plates
5. Aging of plastic materials exposed to UV light
6. Measuring uniformity of LED light emission
7. Measuring spatial and temporal coherence in partially coherent UV lasers.
8. White light interferometry
9. General interferometry
10. Measuring characteristics in commercial spatial light modulators (SLM).
11. Lighting characteristics of LED and flash lights.
12. Focal length measurement in mirrors and lenses.

Tuning and coherence characteristics in lasers





1. Method for conversion between temporal and spatial coherence
2. Tuning methods for wavelength-adjustable lasers
3. Tuning characteristics in tuneable lasers
4. Designing components for coherence conversion in pulsed lasers
5. Coherence characteristics in mode-locked lasers.

Simulation and modelling




1. Physical-optical modelling of propagation of various field components with optical systems with high NA.
2. Simulating optical projection systems with spatial filtering
3. Matemathical model for projection systems with moving components.
4. Ray tracing for modelling and optimization of general optical component sequences.
5. Effects of temperature in optomechanical systems
6. Simulating tolerance outcome in production with Monte Carlo methodology.
7. Simulating dynamic forces in mechanical systems.
8. Simulating characteristics of low-noise detection systems.

Electronics design and IT





1. Developing USB interfaces for optical equipment.
2. Measuring low photo flows in fluorescence. Designing quantum-limited detection electronics.