Electronics design
Engineers at Alfa Exx can help you develop and adapt electronics for optical systems
• We have long-term experience with developing both analogue and digital electronics
• We work with the majority from designing, selecting components, and designing printed circuit boards to adapting to serial production and verification
• We are experienced in working with high-frequency and low-noise systems

• We can integrate control electronics, everything from quick analogue systems to advanced integrated systems with computer interfaces


Examples of our work:
• Verifying and managing existing systems
• Designing and analysing high-frequency and low-noise systems
• Devising printed circuit boards with integrated electromechanics and computer interface
• Developing operating and control electronics for different types of light sources, e.g. light emitting diodes and lasers
• Developing receivers and amplifiers for photodiodes and other sensors, for example
• Programming micro-processors for integrated systems
• Control software for PC controlling of various systems

• Integrating computer interfaces, e.g. USB, in integrated systems